Hold Businesses Accountable for Breach of Contract

Hold Businesses Accountable for Breach of Contract

Hire a business litigation lawyer in Charleston, SC

Contracts are in place to protect the rights of all parties involved. If you've been wronged by a company refusing to fulfill their side of the agreement, take action immediately against their breach of contract. Speak with a business litigation lawyer at the Law Office of Jason S. Stevens, LLC in Charleston, SC.

It can be a difficult decision to take legal action against a company, client or business partner. The Law Office of Jason S. Stevens offers free consultations and 24/7 emergency support. Have an experienced business litigation lawyer assess the situation and offer sound legal advice.

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What qualifies as a breach of contract?

Did you know a legal contract doesn't necessarily need to be written? While physical proof is easier to prove in court, oral contracts can hold up in court as well. As long as there is a clear contractual agreement of terms, we can still build you a strong case.

Examples of a breach of contract can include:

  • Failure to deliver services or goods
  • Failure to complete a job
  • Failure to pay in a timely, agreed upon manner
  • Providing inadequate or negligent goods

If the other party hasn't delivered what was promised to you, contact us today for business litigation support.