Don't Let One Mistake Ruin Your Life

Don't Let One Mistake Ruin Your Life

Speak with an experienced dui defense & criminal lawyer in Charleston, SC

If you've been charged with DUI, don't try to deal with your situation alone. Instead, count on the talented attorneys at the Law Office of Jason S. Stevens, LLC to help you each step of the process. As members of the American Academy of Premier DUI Attorneys, we know the ins and outs of the law. You can trust us to craft a solid DUI defense for your case.

We know you didn't plan on getting pulled over. That's why we provide emergency legal services to residents of the Charleston, SC area. No matter the time, contact us right away to consult a dedicated criminal lawyer.

Rely on us to fight for a favorable outcome

Did you know that evidence of an arresting officer committing an error can convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case? If you're facing DUI charges in the Charleston, SC area, you need to find a detail-oriented criminal lawyer to thoroughly review your case. Look no further than the skilled team at the Law Office of Jason S. Stevens.

You can be confident that we'll fight for the best possible outcome by:

  • Finding out if the officer made any mistakes during the arrest
  • Referencing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration manuals
  • Preparing a compelling DUI defense

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